Sunday, July 23, 2017

Letter Home - Week 103

Hey everyone!

     It's been a good week from Zone Conference to service to Emergency Transfers....
     On Monday evening we were able to visit a new young couple named Sabrina and Kel along with her 18 year old sister Kayla. We taught them the message of the restoration. There was a really good spirit there. They are Seventh Day Adventists. As we taught they internalized what we were telling them and what it means. You could tell that they were really thinking about what we were sharing. At the end Sabrina said a really sincere prayer to know if this is the truth. They are a cool family. I hope the Elders have success in teaching them when I leave. 
     We went down to St. George's for Zone Conference on Tuesday. It was awesome. There was a really great spirit there. This is a really good zone that we are in. Everyone is working super hard and there are a lot of great successes happening. I learn a lot from all the other missionaries. They are such great people. 
     Well there was an Emergency Transfer in the mission so a lot of the islands were effected and missionaries were transferred to different areas. Elder Hendricks got transferred to my old area in Barbados so on Wednesday we took him down to the airport and you'll never guess who we picked up....Elder Kuru. It was sad for us all to say goodbye to Elder Hendricks so unexpectedly though I'm glad Elder Kuru was the one coming here. He always wanted to serve in Grenville. 
     We were able to have Alicia at church again this week. We've been teaching her the commandments like the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom and she is striving to live them. She wants to work things out with Jeremy so they can get married. That may take time. She committed to live them and she knows they are commandments from God. We saw Rosemarie's family on Thursday too. Rosemarie is out of the country. We read 3 Nephi 11 with her children. They've started reading in the Book of Mormon. We also had two of her children, Jodina and Jonia, come to church. They came and walked all the way to church. They enjoyed the service and really liked the Hymns. They are going to come with others of their family next week. We met their older brother Jamal this week and shared with him the Book of Mormon and he feels strongly that he needs to read the book. He seems really cool. 
     Natasia has been progressing well. With our lesson with her you can just tell that her faith and testimony has been growing. She is noticing it too. We watched another general conference address that was really good for Natasia and what she needed to hear. We found a few concerns and are going to address them the next lesson. She had something with family and wasn't able to come to church this week.
     We met Ravon, a 14 year old boy, a few weeks ago and we met him again at his dad's sewing shop this week. He began studying and we were talking with him about what he read. He asked us if Joseph Smith was really a prophet and told him that he  was. He believed us and you could tell that it was sinking in. We invited him to give away some tracks to his friends that were there and he not only gave them to them but started teaching them about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It was really awesome. He lives in the other Elders area and they started teaching him.
     We did some service for Fitzroy again helping him out in his garden and then we helped the Elders with building a house for one of their investigators. We did some more sport contacting too and we went to a nearby court to play some ball with the local youth. It was good. We were able to talk with a few of them after and maybe we will start teaching them. 
     We did finally get to teach Clarissa's  family. We read with them in the Book of Mormon because it had to be a short lesson. They've been doing good. A lot has been happening in their life right now. They are helping her brother out that has some health challenges. They weren't able to come to church because of it. 
     Rachel/Aldon were dressed and ready for church but their ride flaked on them and they weren't able to come. We had a lesson with them last night and read a little from the Book of Mormon. They are going to try to find another ride. Fitzroy also didn't come to church. He let some excuses get in the way. We talked with him and helped him understand that it's important to come to church. We've been teaching him a lot about the gospel and repentance. He's been recognizing the Holy Ghost more which is good. 
    It's been a good week! I love you all! Only one more of these emails! Crazy! I'm going to miss being a missionary so much! I know this gospel is true and I'm so grateful for the opportunity it's been to share it!

Elder King

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