Sunday, April 24, 2016

Letter and Pictures - Week 38

This week has been really good. We have been able to visit with many of our investigators this week. It has been a blessing. Sometimes it is difficult to see them all with trying to coordinate our busy schedule and their busy schedule. We have been able to find a lot of great investigators who have been prepared. A lot are beginning to progress really well. Well, This week is transfer week! It's a crazy one. There are a lot of changes occurring. President Herrington called Elder Moli and I to give us our transfer call on Saturday night. Well Elder Moli after 10 1/2 months is finally leaving the island. He will be leaving to Barbados to serve with my papa Elder Odhiambo. Elder Odhiambo's last companion will be coming here to St. Lucia with me in my area. His name is Elder Kuru. He came out with me. He is from Austrailia. We will continue to serve as Zone leaders here. I'm glad to stay to continue to teach the great investigators that we have. Our area has been progressing really well. With transfers I have mixed emotions. I am glad to begin serving with Elder Kuru. With the time I've had to get to know him he is a great person and a great missionary. Though after these many months of serving with Elder Moli I've gained a great friend. Elder Moli is a man with a big heart. When I first started serving with Elder Moli I witnessed an experience to show this. It was when we went to visit a family he and Elder Clement had been teaching. Elder Moli was leaving the area and they were saying goodbye. It was hard for them to do. There wasn't a dry eye. Now that he is leaving to Barbados we went to say goodbye this time for real. He will be really leaving and I don't have words to describe how hard it was for the family. They love Elder Moli and Elder Moli loves them. It was a tough experience for Elder Moli as well. In sacrament meeting he gave his farewell testimony. With tears in his eyes he bore his love filled testimony. It left many with tears. He is a man of love. There have been many, many experiences throughout these past three transfers that shows it. I owe him a lot for what he has taught me. I will miss him. It will be a transition for me for him to leave. But it will be good. Though sad and hard Elder Moli is excited for the change. Since the transfer call we've been spending time saying goodbye with everyone. Everyone loves Elder Moli and he will be missed. I love you all! Thanks for sending those photos! Love and miss you guys tons! Until mothers day! Can't wait! Have a great week and take care.
Elder King
We've been able to start teaching Shenelle again. She came to church this week and was crying during Elder Moli's testimony. We as a district here in Castries went and did service for her at her home on Saturday morning. We helped her paint her home. She is rebuilding up her house. She has been reading the book of Mormon and already has a testimony. She had an experience of when she was having a hard time and she turned to the book and started reading. Her troubles left her and she had a peaceful feeling. Super cool :)
This is that family I was talking about. Christina, Sancha and family. They were the ones I interviewed.
This is them crying. Christina was having a really hard time. When it was time to go she couldn't do it and began wailing. It reminded me of the other side of heaven when they were mourning for the dead.
This is Michael and his family. We recently started teaching him and he is progressing well. He is reading in the book of Mormon. He loves his family very much and works hard to support them.
Taking pics today for p-day at the beach :)


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Letter and Pictures - Week 37

Hey family!

With Skype I believe I will be able to Skype in the morning. If not I may be able to Skype the day before. Most likely in the morning. Mother's day is coming soon. I'm excited.  Can't wait to see you all. This week was great. We spent most of the week preparing Kevin for his baptism. It was great and it all went really smoothly. The baptism was a spiritual experience. I loved it but more important Kevin loved it. He is really happy. We were able to teach Joan this week about the plan of salvation. It was really good. She is understanding and beginning to accept it. She is really interested. It was a good lesson. We were finally able to visit with Alma yesterday. We will hopefully be able to visit each Sunday with her and maybe even have Shatal come and be a part of it. We are hoping. We read in the book of Mormon with Villia in Alma Ch. 7. We are trying to get her to consistently read to help her make the necessary changes that she desires to make. The book of Mormon will really help her. We are trying to help her understand that. We also taught Cleopha. She read in the book of Mormon a little. We read with her the rest of the 3 Ne. 11 and talked about baptism. She accepted a date. We are doing well. Hope you all have a great week!
Elder King
Kevin right after his baptism. The baptismal service was great. His mother came to support him. She is amazing. She spent all morning providing this big meal for after the baptism. It was great. We are going to try to start teaching her. Kevin gave his mom a book of Mormon. Elder Moli baptized Kevin and I confirmed him. After his confirmation we had fast and testimony mtg. and Kevin got up and bore his testimony. It was great. We are going to be working with him to receive the priesthood and a calling. I think a branch missionary would be perfect for him. He already comes out so much with us.  

Elder Ropati and I witnessed the baptism.
The missionaries from Vieux Fort came up to Castries to support Kevin at his baptism.  

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Letter and Pictures - Week 36

Hey family!

General Conference was amazing!! Kevin and Joan came! Both loved it. It was Joan's first time. She thought the wrong time and came at the end of the Sunday morning session so she waited the two hours to watch the afternoon session. She planned on leaving after the first hour but she enjoyed it more than she thought and stayed the whole time. My favorite talk would be Elder Holland's talk about the love that Heavenly Father has and how he just wants us to keep on trying. It was great. We had a good week. We went on a couple trade offs with Elder Powell and Elder Wallentine and also Elder Hardy and Elder Merritt. We contacted the whole day with Elder Merritt. We had a good couple of lessons with Elder Wallentine. We taught a less active about Alma ch. 5. It was Alma asked these great inspired questions on if we have been baptized and if we have felt the joy of the gospel. And if we have then can we feel so now? It then testifies of how the Savior is inviting all to come unto him so we can feel of his love and partake in the goodness of his infinite atonement. It's a great chapter to read and then ask and respond to the questions yourself. I love you all! I love the Savior! I love his glorious gospel! I love how through it I can return to live with my loving Heavenly Father with all of you! Have a great week!
Elder King

Proselyting with Kevin! He is doing well. We are working hard to prepare for his baptism on Saturday! For proselyting here in St. Lucia it's different than in the states. There is a lot more reception to us here. It's great to get referrals from members. It's what we hope to receive from them. We try to talk with everyone that we can to share about the message of the restored gospel. With that we come across many that we begin teaching.

                                                               STORY TIME :)

So we found these pigs....
So we took them...
With us... In the car...
To the beach...
We decided to make a fire...
And... Roast the pigs...
It was a good time...
Some of us played games...
While the islanders (Elder Moli, Elder Lameta, Elder Ropati, and Elder Topou) made the preparations...
I got to hold the pig...
It turned out pretty well.... This is a basket made out of a palm leaf by Elder Ropati... Elder Moli cut it all up and everyone ate... It was really good....
Here is a cool pic.... Oh and since we cooked the whole pig.... There were other parts of the pig we were able to try... So... I tried the tongue.... And ... the brain...  :) The tongue was good.... The brain was not...
All in all... It was a great day at the beach... The End.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Letter Home - Week 35

Dear Family,

This week was great. MLC is tomorrow and I read one of the talks assigned for MLC about the Savior and it really stuck out to me the Savior's great capacity to love. His Atonement was the greatest act of love performed by anyone. I am grateful for his love in my life. I will continue to study about the Savior and his precious gift to me and try to follow his example. Elder Moli and I went on a couple trade offs this week. We went with Elder Alldredge and Elder Sandbakken and we also went with Elder Nixon and Elder Topou. I enjoyed the opportunities to work with Elder Sandbakken and Elder Nixon. Both are great missionaries. We were able to have a good time while doing some good work. Both days were productive and a learning experience I hope for both of them as it was for myself. We had one experience this week with an investigator where we were trying to have a lesson with a lady named Candice and go through what she had read in the book of Mormon. She is great and trying her best to take in all that she can to help her change her life. All around us though, as we sat in her humble home, was loud and distracting. There was loud music playing, her children were being noisy and distracting, and a nearby neighbor was sawing metal and beating on it (making metal drums I believe). All I can say is that it was not a good environment to have a lesson. As much as we wanted to have the lesson and as much as she wanted to receive the lesson it just wasn't going to happen because of everything going on around us. We decided to leave it until another time. But before we left we invited her to call her kids in so we could leave sing a hymn and leave on a good note. We sang "Be Still My Soul". We sang all three versus. As we sung the noise around continued but a feeling of peace came into the room. The kids sat quiet and even tried to sing along. By the end, in the middle of the third verse, the noise outside subsided and the spirit was really strong. We were able to close with prayer in peace and all be uplifted. It was such cool experience to me. I love the hymns and the spirit they bring.

Kevin: He has been progressing well. He has a date for April 9 which is in two weeks. That date for him is pretty solid. If all goes well he will be baptized! We are going through the commandments with him. He has committed to living the word of wisdom and law of chastity.

Villia: She still has a strong desire to be baptized. We taught her about the word of wisdom this week. She has an occasional drink and has coffee every morning but is willing to give it up and live the commandment. We might start teaching her son Dillan. Villia has been talking with him about baptism for herself and he might want to as well. We contacted her at her home. We just stopped and talked to her.

Kim: It's hard to visit her. When we can visit her she can't visit with us and when she can visit with us we can't visit with her. She still wants to visit with us. We are going to try and visit her this week.

Stephanie and Shana: They are sisters. We met both on the road and just stopped them and talked with them. We have mainly been teaching Stephanie. Shana usually isn't around. She is a single mom taking care of two little kids. She will be going back to work soon after being on leave because she recently had her baby. She likes learning about the atonement.

Joan: We contacted the mom at their home. We met Joan on the road out side her home. Haven't visited this week. We are going to try and visit tonight.

Candice: Contacted her at her home as well. We knocked on the door and called in (You call in here by saying, "Hello inside" or "Hello good morning, good afternoon, or good night") She is doing well. She is Joan's niece.

Shenelle: We met her at Villia's while having a lesson. She moved into the sister's area so they will now be teaching her.

Cleopha: Contacted into her at her home. She lives near Kevin. We went while waiting for Kevin to get ready to check Kerry who wasn't there and then decided to go down the road a little further and contact a couple homes. She was one we contacted.

Tyson: Contacted him while he was sitting outside his home. Haven't met for a long time. We are going to try and meet with him tonight. From what we know we believe he is still interested.

Ron: Still teaching every once in a while. It's really hard to visit with him. He has been reading the book of Mormon and we believe he has prepared by the Lord. Hopefully we can start teaching more often.

Michael: He is stellar. He was contacted recently at his home by Elder Moli and Elder Lameta on trade off. Accepted baptism. Had a couple lessons with him like Plan of Salvation. He has a lot of good questions and understands. He is very accepting to what we teach.

Conroy: Recently started to teach him. He is the husband of a member, Sister Angie. He has addictions he is trying to overcome. He has been taught before but now what's to be taught again. Hopefully we can help him. We were having an FHE with Sister Angie and he was there and that's when it was brought up to start teaching him again.

Janelle: New investigator. Elder Lameta and Elder Moli contacted her. We've has some great lessons with her. She is reading the book of Mormon. She recognizes the wrong choices she has made and feels guilt. Hopefully she will utilize the Savior's redeeming power of the atonement through faith and repentance. We gave her Alma 36 to read and taught and testified of the peace and joy that comes through repentance.

Alma: She got really busy with work so we weren't able to find a time to visit her. We met her a couple times on the road but not been able to teach. Maybe later in time she will find time for the missionaries.

Shatal and David: She lives in another area so we referred her over to them. She still wants to be taught. Hard to get in contact though.

Kerry: Referred her over to another companionship because she lives in another area. We met her at her boyfriends home. They too are having a hard time to contact her.

Shatal and Joseph: Dropped them. They weren't really keeping commitments and they lived really far away from where we proselyte so we decided it wasn't worth going up. Hopefully in the future they will continue to be taught and act on the message shared.

We stopped visiting others like Maverick, Glenda, Theresa, Patrick, Clinton, Josh, Heather, Terry/Victoria, Louise, Alfred and others for a variety of different reasons.

We also have picked up new investigators as we contact them and they are willing to visit with us.

Ariana, the one we baptized is doing really well. She is very active over there in Columbia. She is going to Church, Seminary, and other youth activities. She is really busy but having fun.

We are also trying to work with some recent converts/less actives in our area like Odellia and Yuandia. We also work with other members and try to help them by having FHE with them and their families. We take the Sacrament to Sister Alene each Sunday and Brother and Sister Joe every other Sunday. We enjoy performing that service for them.

I'm doing well. Loving life. Trying to be the best missionary I can be. Love you all! Have a great week! Happy Easter! Oh they do celebrate Easter here. It was a quiet Sunday and most people went to Church on either Saturday and Sunday. They also do other fun activities. They fly kites in remembrance of the cross... I'm so excited for General Conference! I hope it's a great weekend filled with amazing spiritual experiences for you all! I'll send a ton of good pictures next week! You will enjoy them I promise :)
Elder King