Sunday, July 9, 2017

Letter Home - Week 101

     This week we were able to work a lot with Alicia. We brought Sis. Francis to teach the restoration to her and she bore powerful testimony and told of her conversion story which was perfect for Alicia. She gave her a lot of encouragement too. She believed we were teaching her the truth and knew that God sent us to her. She gave an awesome prayer at the end. We also taught her part of the plan of salvation and it was new to her so she accepted to pray about it. In addition to her prayers, on her own she went into extensive study to find out if we really did live in Heaven before. She read a lot in Genesis, read the pamphlet, studied the versus in the back, and even found more of her own that gave evidence of the pre earth life. She said as she was studying that she felt like she was receiving her own personal revelation to her questions. It was awesome. She had a big page of notes. She committed to come to church but she got nervous that morning and backed down. She wasn't quite feeling ready but she committed for next week. A lot of our investigators backed down or had some other excuse of why they couldn't come which was sad. 
     We did have Natasia come. She has been doing well. We taught her about the Law of Chastity. She already knew exactly what it was since we gave her a pamphlet a while back. We knew it would be a challenge. She has a boy friend that currently lives with her. She doesn't feel ready for marriage but has a complication with moving out that we don't know exactly what it is. She is praying and counseling with God to know what she needs to do so she can live it. She really wants to live it. She also has been struggling with testimony and receiving her answers but she keeps getting a feeling to read more from the Book of Mormon so that's what she is doing. She is already into second Nephi. 
     We had the Charity event this week. We were in communication with the group each day before the event and even up to a few hours before to make sure everything was good but last minute the group backed down and ended up not showing up. It was disappointing. We had everything planned and set up perfect for it. What happened was that the guys in the group backed down first and said they weren't coming which later made it so the rest didn't want to come for some reason. It was tough. Rhondah felt really bad about it all. What we decided to do was to present it to the institute class that started after. It ended up being really really good and the spirit was really strong there. Maybe someone in the institute group really needed to hear what we shared or something. I still had a lot of fun doing it. 
     We were able to help Bro. Kelvin bless the sacrament for his first time this week. He did a great job and was so happy afterwards. He got up and bore a wonderful testimony after as well. Clarissa's family didn't come this week to church. They went to visit her brother instead. I don't know exactly why but we have a lesson planned for Tuesday and we'll talk to them about it. It doesn't sound like a good reason for not coming to church. They did however all come to a family night that we had at the church this week. We played a game called Big Budda and everyone was laughing and having a good time. Christilynn told us that she has completely given up coffee and doesn't even have a desire to drink it anymore. Clarissa told us that Chris is struggling because of a disappointment in not getting a job. Please keep him in your prayers. Rosemarie's family didn't seem like they even tried to come but gave a lot of different excuses. We weren't able to teach them this week. What was good was that Fitzroy showed up for the second hour of church. That was a good step for him. 
Have a great week everyone!

Elder King

P.S. - Hey do you all remember Kelvin from in Barbados? This is what he sent me back in June:
"I am a little confuse and indecisive about my baptism and to be honest I want to do it sooner rather than later but I am feeling like I am not 100% sure as I was feeling last week. I prayed about it but not hearing any thing. I dont know any more."

This is what I sent to him:
"As I was thinking about you and your decision to be baptized and what I could share with you to uplift and encourage you my thoughts turned to Doctrine and Covenants section 6. I would strongly encourage you to prayerfully study this section of scripture. I believe it will bring you peace comfort and assurance. I read it yesterday and I feel it will be meaningful to you. Some others that you would like are Acts 2:37-42, Mosiah 18:10-11, Omni 1:26. After your studies say another prayer and prayerfully make a decision of what you feel is right and then stick to it. I promise this will give you clarity and strength. I'm praying for you! Thanks for writing. It's great to hear from you."

This is what Kelvin sent to me this week:
"I want to thank you so much that now I am really ready to be baptized and I set a date. Thank so much for everything you did for me. Wish you were here for the baptism."

Bro. Kelvin is going to be getting baptized!!! I'm not sure what the date is for but I'm stoked for him!

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