Sunday, July 2, 2017

Letter and Pictures - Week 100

Hey everybody!!! 

I can't believe I'm already at week 100!! The mission really does fly by. I can't comprehend the thought of going home. It feels like the mission is all I've ever known. This week has been pretty great. We've been able to find some very prepared people to teach. Alicia is one of those and she has already begun progressing. She's read through chapter 5 and when we came back to follow up was reading more. She accepted baptism and told us what she needs to do to prepare herself. Before we were led to her she was praying for help because she was going through some difficult challenges. She asked God to send her something or someone to help her have more of a good spirit in her life. We had prayed that morning to be led to someone who was prepared to be baptized or something to that extent. She was in tears and full of emotion when we contacted her. When we came back she was prepared for a lesson and she took a bunch of notes and had questions written down for us. She is awesome. We've also been able to have some good lessons this week. We talked to Clarissa's family about keeping the Sabbath day holy and this Sunday the whole family came (Clarissa, Christibelle, Chris, and Christilynn). It was awesome. There were 17 at church this week and Clarissa's family was the only investigators we had there. We have a lesson planned for Natasia for tonight. We weren't able to teach her this week. She's been reading more. She wasn't able to come to church because things got hectic for her that morning and she was tied up with time. Denice was sick so we couldn't have a lesson this week and he wasn't able to come to church. Fitzroy's family wasn't able to come to church but they've been reading from the book of mormon. He was having challenges one day and we were able to come and have a lesson with him that day and helped him feel better and to feel the spirit. It was cool. Elder Schmidt's training is going good. We do it everyday. When we go proselyting he's been contacting, starting lessons, extending baptismal invitations and just doing great at it. We also had a really sweet plan of salvation lesson with Rosemarie and a lot of her children. There were about 6 or 7 of them there. We did a walkthrough going in and out of the house going through each point in the plan and sharing verses at each part. Inside the house was pre mortal life and outside was earth life. The porch was the spirit world and you were resurrected and judged as you went through the doorway. We used the light, a flashlight, and a match to represent the degrees of glory. It was really awesome and it helped them understand the plan so much and after Elder Schmidt invited them all to be baptized. None of them have yet and they want to. They all committed to pray about it and a date to be baptized on. They've started reading and have started having family prayer. Things are going great. Lots of love.

Elder King

Rosemarie is an investigator along with all of her children who are between the ages of 9 and 28. The Mills are the senior couple here on Grenada. Kimisha dropped us actually a while ago but I haven't been able to write about her. She never had any lessons. We went by and she wanted to give us back the books. We tried to understand why she didn't want to meet but she wouldn't tell us. So we respected what she wanted and stopped dropping by to visit her. We let her keep the books and invited her to keep reading. One day she meet with other missionaries. It was disappointing but it's just not her time. Nandy is super hard to get a hold of because she doesn't answer her phone and she leaves to work really early. We did pass by once and catch her home just before she left for work and gave her a plan of salvation track which really interested her because she wants to know more about after this life. The boy's family is Aldon and Rachel. The boys name is Jaheim. The family with the priesthood story are currently being taught by the other missionaries and it's going pretty good. 

The tropical storm wasn't bad. It rained a lot and a bit of wind. The worst part was that our water shut off for the day. We had a big container stored to prepare for the storm but threw the dirt from sweeping into it not thinking and contaminated it. (I won't name names haha) We were fine though. We still went proselyting and were fine. It was just like a normal day. There was no damage. The river got super full from all the rain but everything was fine. Elder Gummow is serving in Barbados so maybe when I go there for my last day I will see him. Yes definitely find out my topic for my talk so I can prepare a good one because 3 days isn't very long to prepare. Those smores sound awesome! I can't believe Jake is already leaving!! Crazy!

1 - Kimisha
2 - Clarissa's family all at church!!! (Clarissa, Christilynn, Chris, Christibelle, and Christina)
3 - Sister Francis a long time member
4 - Us Elders at church with Sister Neary and Sister Jasien
5 - All the missionaries at the bbq pday activity

The river before the storm and then during the storm. The beauty of Grenada. Sister Roma fed us some awesome lunch!

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