Sunday, July 16, 2017

Letter and Pictures - Week 102

So this week we were able to work a lot with Alicia and Natasia. We've been taking Sis. Francis over with us to Alicia and she is such a good member missionary. She helps out so much. We were able to teach her the GoJC and start into some of the commandments. We were able to set a date for baptism with her for the 26th of Aug. This week she came to church and loved it. She is going to keep coming. She is praying a lot and studying a lot still. She is a lot happier already. She is growing in the gospel and it's so cool to see. We taught Natasia the GoJC and found some concerns with testimony so we came back and watched President Monson's address on gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The spirit was really strong in that lesson. She has been praying a lot to know the truth but hasn't received an answer. We had been teaching her that God would answer her by the Holy Ghost through good feelings and thoughts but she didn't fully grasp it. This last lesson we were able to help her connect how God had answered her before and she finally understood. It was awesome. We had Bro. Branch and Bro. Lennox there and they were able to bear solid testimonies and at the end Natasia bore her own testimony of the things she new to be true and how she has noticed so many blessings in her life since meeting with us. She said she is more outgoing because she was shy before. She wouldn't pray out loud in groups. She would get really nervous. Now she is comfortable with it. She is way more calm. She doesn't get as stressed or angry. With the hectic time at the end of the school year she was able to get through it a lot easier. One of the biggest is how happy Ronella is. At church when Ronella drew the picture and showed it to her it made her fee really fulfilled as a mother. Ronella loves going to church and reminds her mom about it when it's time to go. It was great to hear all of her wonderful experiences. She still has challenges with Joseph Smith being the prophet so we are going to address that next lesson. She too came to church and this time was able to be on time for the sacrament. This Sunday was a miracle! It was a record in sacrament attendance in Grenville. We had 27 there. Many members came and many investigators came too. There was still quite a few that we thought would be there that didn't come this week. In addition to having Alicia and Natasia there we had Rachel and Aldon come with their boy Jaheem. They all loved it. Rachel liked Sunday school. Jaheem liked the music. Aldon liked a story in sunday school about the early saints. Clarissa's family were all in St. George's this week so we weren't able to see them but we talked with Clarissa Sunday. They weren't able to make it to church. She is going into the hospital for some knee problems that she's been having. We did get to see Chris this week and read with him in the Book of Mormon. It was good and uplifting for him. Fitzroy came again at the end of church. Elder Schmidt talked with him and set a date for baptism with him for the 12 of Aug.  It's been an awesome week. I love you all! I'll see you all in two years.  I mean weeks!!! So excited! :)

Elder King

1. We went to do some service for Fitzroy and we picked so mangos for breakfast. We do it by taking the fallen mangos and tossing them into the tree to knock off the ripe mangos and then catching them :)
2. Rachel, Aldon, Jaheem, and their baby.
3. Jaheem drew a picture at church. 
4. Photo of everyone at church! :) Alicia is the one with the baby above me. Her two kids are the one she is holding and the one in the orange shirt. 

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