Sunday, June 18, 2017

Letter Home - Week 98

Dear Family,

This week has been great! We were able to work a lot with Clarissa and her family. We actually were able to start teaching another one of her older daughters named Christilynn and she has taken the gospel to heart. She loves it all and is so interested. She told us she has already started to see changes in her life after just one lesson. They weren't able to make it to church this week. Our charity event got pushed back to this coming week. Elder Johnson was sick for the week so we worked in our area and traded off to work in their area too. This young boy stopped us and led us to his family and we found out that they were taught before but lost contact with the missionaries and are so excited for us to come and teach them. It's a big family and they all are interested. We got our transfer calls. Elder Mikolyski and I are going to stay for my last transfer but we will be training a new missionary coming in named Elder Smitt. I'm excited about this coming transfer and the opportunity to train with Elder Mikolyski. I'll write more about this week next week but I have to go. I love you all!

Elder King

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