Sunday, June 11, 2017

Letter and Pictures - Week 97

This transfer has been flying by too fast! It's been another good week though. This week we were able to visit with Bro. Kelvin several times. He was recently baptized but had missed church the past few weeks. This week he was able to come and receive the priesthood. We weren't able to get anyone else to take the long drive down to St. George's this week to church. All the strong, active members came and the bus was full taking the drive down for church. It was great to go down to the branch because I was able to see a lot of the great members I knew before. I don't think I've mentioned this yet but we've been planning out this event with a local charity group to have a gospel presentation about the Restoration. It's a great local charity of outstanding people who volunteer to give back to the community and they do a lot. It is going to be really great. I'm really looking forward to it this week on Thursday. We had contacted into this lady named Rhondah who is a part of the charity group and she asked if we could speak to the group so of course we gladly said yes! It's about 40 people. We are going to involve the others Elders from here in Grenville and the senior couple the Mills to help with the presentation. It's going to be sweet. We saw Clarissa and her family a couple of times and they are progressing really well. They've been studying all together as a family and they are seeing some great blessings come into their lives. We shared the plan of salvation and read in the book of mormon. They are learning  a lot of new things. We saw Natasia as well and she too has seen many blessing since she has been learning about the gospel. We were also able to give her a priesthood blessing. She had been feeling sick and really stressed out about personal challenges but after the blessing she felt a great peace and it all went away. We also made some more cookies but this time for our investigators. That was fun. We took some more time to look for a church building this week too. We said a prayer and we were led straight to a really great building that's perfect that we are going to check out with the members this week. Things are going well here in paradise! :) I love you all!

Elder King

Clarissa, Chris, Chrissy, and the little daughter that goes by Kaylee. This is where we like to play a lot of dominos :) it's so fun

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