Sunday, June 4, 2017

Letter and Pictures - Week 96

Dear Family,

     This week was great. We started it off by making cookies for all the members. That was a fun service and they all enjoyed them. Service is a joy!
     We started teaching this wonderful family. Clarissa is the mother. Chris is her 24 year old son and Christibelle or (Chrissy) is her 25 year old daughter. We taught them about the restoration and it was such a powerful lesson. We followed up with how their studies were going and found that Clarissa was on Ch. 6 in the book of mormon and Chris had read all of the introduction and testimonies plus a chapter or two. Chris was in awe by it. He said the testimonies were so powerful and it began his testimony and he felt it was true. Clarissa also read the restoration pamphlet we left her and when she was reading about Joseph Smith and the First Vision when Jesus Christ told him that none of the churches were true it really hit her and she was struck with amazement and immediately went and knelt and prayed to know for herself. She believes it is true. As she was relating her story to us I felt the spirit really strongly. It was amazing. Chris used to attend church but fell away for awhile. His whole family is so surprised but happy that he is so into the gospel and coming back to church. He has read and loved three of the pamphlets we've given him and watched the restoration video with his mom. As we were talking about the Holy Ghost during a lesson he said he has felt it before several times since we've started teaching him and he knows it's true. For him it's just about accepting it and changing his life. The gospel has given him a lot of hope. He hasn't missed a day of praying since we've started to teach him. They are so prepared. They all came last week to church and this week to a family night and then Clarissa and Chris came to church this week. We aren't sure why Chrissy didn't come this time. They love the church and the gospel. Clarissa and Chris already knows the gospel is true. Chrissy really wants to know for herself. They love the book of mormon and study it often. We are going to see them tonight and hopefully set a date for baptism with them. 
     We also saw Natasia who came across some anti mormon literature and had questions about it. She researched both the negative and the positive things about the church and it spurred her to really want to dive into the book of mormon and find out for herself if it is true. Even despite an obstacle she is continuing to press forward in faith. It's a good sign.  She also came to church again with her daughter. 
     Kimisha had been having a hard time getting herself to pray to know the truth but we taught her about covenants and making promises with God and as we kept following up with her and inviting her she finally did. She hasn't received her answer yet but will keep praying to know. She is now past ch. 8 and has read several pamphlets. 
     It's been a blessed week and it sounds like you all had a wonderful week too! Lots of great things happened. Graduation, wedding, farewell. I'm so happy for Kaylee! It's an exciting time. Well I love you all very much! This gospel is true! Jesus Christ is our Savior, our Redeemer, our Master! I love Him!

Elder King

Service! I love cookies! :)

We found some cool planes in our area and decided to take some photos :)

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